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Corporate Vision and Our CSR

Corporate Vision and Principles of Ethics and Conduct

The corporate vision will serve as the basic policy in conducting its business activities, and will provide guidelines for all group activities.
The corporate vision will also be the foundation for management decisions, including the formulation of management strategies and management plans, and will serve as the core value for all employees.

Corporate Vision


Values-Based CSR Activities

We work to fulfill our corporate social responsibility through our business, using our Corporate Vision and Principles of Ethics and Conduct as guidelines.

Our Responsibility and Role as a Financial Institution

Financial institutions have a fundamental responsibility to use their business functions to help stabilize and maintain trust in financial systems and contribute to the sustainable growth of society. MUFG carries out CSR efforts based on a belief in fulfilling our inherent social mission as the lifeblood of the economy, and contributing to solutions to social issues through our core financial businesses.

Business Segments

Business Segments

Efforts to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The customer focus stance listed at the top of our Principles of Ethics and Conduct is the core philosophy of our business and all CSR activities.

The practice of living up to customers' trust and contributing to their long-term, sustainable growth by always keeping them first in mind, by acting fatrly and honestly, by pursuing quality, and by providing services that exceed their expectations.

Group CSR Priority Themes

At MUFG, we have adopted Addressing Global Environmental Issues and Nurturing Society's Next Generation as the two priority themes of our group CSR activities.

Group CSR Priority Themes