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IR Policy

  • Basic stance

    With the ultimate goal of trying to improve shareholder value, we aim to provide fair and prompt disclosure of accurate information regarding our financial condition, business strategy and other matters to shareholders, investors, securities analysts, rating agencies and others (hereinafter 'the market') ; and also assess and reflect market perception of our Group in our management processes.

  • Disclosed information

    In order to promote proper understanding of our Group, we will strive to expand our disclosure proactively beyond the scope of information disclosure required by laws and regulations.
    We will strive to make the disclosed information easy to understand, and provide a consistent level of disclosure on an ongoing basis.

  • Disclosure process

    We will strive to distribute information fairly and promptly to both the domestic market and the overseas market.

  • Forward-looking statements

    In certain cases, forward-looking statements may be included in the information that we disclose. In regard to such forward-looking statements, we will strive to fully explain our assumptions, uncertain factors, etc. in order to avoid giving a false impression to the market.