As of June 29, 2017

Hiroshi Kawakami (note1) Director
Advisor of Central Japan International Airport
>Career Summary
Yuko Kawamoto (note1) Director
Professor, Waseda Graduate School of Business and Finance
>Career Summary
Haruka Matsuyama (note1) Director
Partner, Hibiya Park Law Offices
>Career Summary
Toby S. Myerson (note1) Director
Longsight Strategic Advisors LLC
Chairman & CEO
>Career Summary
Tsutomu Okuda (note1) Director
Senior Advisor, J. Front Retailing
>Career Summary
Yukihiro Sato (note1) Director
Adviser, Mitsubishi Electric
>Career Summary
Tarisa Watanagase (note1) Director
Former Governor of the Bank of Thailand
>Career Summary
Akira Yamate (note1) Director
Certified Public Accountant
>Career Summary
Takehiko Shimamoto Director >Career Summary
Junichi Okamoto Director >Career Summary
Kiyoshi Sono Director >Career Summary
Takashi Nagaoka Director >Career Summary
Mikio Ikegaya Director >Career Summary
Kanetsugu Mike Director >Career Summary
Nobuyuki Hirano Director >Career Summary
Tadashi Kuroda Director >Career Summary
Muneaki Tokunari Director >Career Summary
Masamichi Yasuda Director >Career Summary
Mr.Hiroshi Kawakami, Ms.Yuko Kawamoto, Ms.Haruka Matsuyama, Mr.Toby S. Myerson, Mr.Tsutomu Okuda, Mr.Yukihiro Sato, Ms.Tarisa Watanagase and Mr.Akira Yamate are outside directors defined in Article 2, Item 15 of the Companies Act.