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Business Strategy

Medium-term Business Plan (fiscal year 2012 to 2014)

Financial Objectives

Centered on our customer segments, we make every effort to refine the balance between risk and return to generate steady growth in bottom line results. Management control functions have been strengthened to improve capital efficiency, and we continue to aim to establish financially sound and globally competitive business platforms.

Financial Targets

Financial Targets

Capital Policy

We aim to follow timely and appropriate capital policies that enable us to increase corporate value amid economic and regulatory developments. Our goals are to further enhance shareholder returns while maintaining a balance between "Maintain solid equity capital" and "efficient and strategic usage of capital to strengthen earnings power".

Group-wide Strategic Businesses

Our business strategy is designed to increase overall global financial strength and to contribute to the restoration of the Japanese market. Based on the largest customer foundation and world-wide network among Japanese financial institutions and our solid financial standing, we aim to continuously enhance corporate value by strengthening cooperation among Group companies, our retail/corporate divisions, and our domestic/overseas divisions.

Group-wide Strategic Businesses (5 Business Areas and 3 Collaborations)


Strengthen Administrative Practices

We will carry out appropriate policies to manage the businesses outlined above by constantly strengthening our corporate governance and risk management infrastructure, being prepared for the uncertain environment surrounding financial institutions, and demonstrating that we are "a world class financial institution with effective risk management capabilities." Furthermore, we will continue to promote the integrated operation of the Group's administration and systems infrastructure.

Management Fundamentals and Control