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Raising Management Awareness

A proper management mindset and values are critical elements for promoting inclusion & diversity. To that purpose, MUFG Group companies are striving to increase the number of IkuBosses—ideal managers for a new era.

Diversity management training held

MUFG holds Diversity Management Training Program for managements in each Group companies. In addition each company will independently plan and host additional lectures and seminars as a means to raise overall awareness among managers.

Diversity management training held

IkuBoss pledges by managers on the frontlines

Each Group company has been encouraging managers to take the IkuBoss pledge. We are also carrying out discussions, workshops, and seminars at departments and offices to spread this initiative.

<Examples of IkuBoss pledges at individual companies>
“I will prioritize the development of junior employees!”
“I will strive to eliminate excesses and simplify operational processes!”
“I will aim to further invigorate communication!”
“I support all those who proactively take on challenges!”
IkuBoss pledge sheets of individual companies
Please also see MUFG Sustainability Report
MUFG Sustainability Report 2020(PDF / 14.72MB)
(As of April 2021)