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Support for Balancing Work and Eldercare

We provide useful information and services to employees with families that need caregiving, and by encouraging employees not in such circumstances to prepare in advance, we can support a work-care balance.

Caregiving Seminar

In FY2015 we began hosting MUFG Care Seminars in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka to provide Group employees with useful information on balancing work and caregiving.
Caregiving Seminar

Work-care support services and Work-care balance handbook released

The Care Concierge Desk allows those with questions and concerns about caregiving to consult with caregiving specialists, and an employee-dedicated care resource website offers an information directory of care services and facilities, as well as videos about caregiving.
In March 2018, MUFG also issued a “Work-care balance handbook” to provide basic information for caregiving.
Work-care support services and Work-care balance handbook released

Development of in-house system

Each company maintains a variety of support systems so that when care for a family member becomes necessary, employees can still work while providing that care.
Representative systems
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