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CSR Materiality 2 Community

We plan to raise our value as a corporation by strengthening our bonds with local communities and endeavoring to build trust and confidence, not only with customers, but also with regional societies in Japan and overseas.

Special Feature

)Finance and Career Guidance

We host students for workplace experience days and send employees to schools to teach classes to enhance financial literacy and provide career guidance.

Economic and Financial Education

)Environmental Education and Preservation

We help preserve World Heritage Sites and provide opportunities to learn about sustainability.

Environmental Preservation and Beautification

)Donation and Support Activities

MUFG continues to deepen its relationship with society and contribute to the development of local communities through donations and participation in charity events.

Donation and Support Activities

)Local & Social Contribution Efforts In Collaborating with OISCA

MUFG is engaged in local & social contribution activities through its collaboration with OISCA.

Local & Social Contribution Efforts In Collaborating with OISCA

)MUFG Gives Back

MUFG has established Global Volunteer Month, and is engaged in CSR activities tailored to each region across the world.

MUFG Gives Back

(As of April 2018)