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CSR Domains Trusted By Society

We have identified the following three CSR materiality: "Customers," "Community," and "Responsible Finance." As such, we are actively promoting CSR activities within these materiality.

In addition to three CSR materiality, we have also established "Governance & Ethics," "MUFG Employees," and "Sustainable Operation" as so-called CSR domains trusted by society. As such, we are also actively promoting CSR activities in these domains as well.

)Governance & Ethics

We behave in a manner that supports and strengthens the trust that MUFG has built up over the years by strict adherence to laws, regulations, and rules, and strive to maintain stability in the financial system, which serves as the foundation of society.

)MUFG Employees

MUFG respects human rights and values diversity, and strives to create an ethical workplace.

)Sustainable Operation

MUFG is making efforts to reduce its environmental burden and enhance business efficiency through business activities that make effective use of the world's limited resources.

(As of April 2018)