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Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Under our Purpose of “Committed to empowering a brighter future.” MUFG has identified 10 priority issues, including responses to the aging population & low birthrate, along with climate change measures & environmental protection, as we work to resolve social issues and achieve a sustainable society through financial services and business activities.

At the same time, to address social issues that are difficult to deal with our core businesses, we have put in place a framework that utilizes approximately 1% of net business profits to give back to society, and we are undertaking various social contribution activities, including donations and volunteer work.

As a global financial institution, we try to make the most of the size and strength of our group and the passion of our employees by being conscious of global social issues, while preserving the rich culture we have cultivated in Japan. We also aim to create ecosystems and platforms that provide solutions to social issues by strengthening ties with stakeholders and empathizing with each other for future generations, society, and the planet.

As MUFG, we will actively contribute to society by carrying out activities that make stories that our employees can be proud of and to be passed on to the world.

Five Priority Areas and Our Underlying Thoughts and Values

Within the framework of our CSR activities, MUFG has identified the following five priority areas: Development of the Next Generation and Support for Children, Environmental Conservation, Financial and Economic Education, Preservation and Succession of Culture, and Disaster Relief among other support.

Focusing on these five priority areas, MUFG's five group companies work together to implement selected activities based on the following thoughts and values.

  • Carrying out activities that embody MUFG’s Purpose of being “Committed to empowering a brighter future.”
  • Resolving the 10-priority environmental and social issues.
  • Contributing to the creation of sustainable mechanisms and frameworks for resolving issues.
  • Taking advantage of our wide range of connections with communities and people in order to carry out activities.
  • Expanding employee empathy through participation in social contribution activities.
Five Priority Areas and Our Underlying Thoughts and Values
Five Priority Areas and Our Underlying Thoughts and Values