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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Enhancing Our Corporate Value through Committed Engagement with Stakeholders

MUFG believes that winning the support of its various stakeholders is essential to securing sustainable growth in its business activities and thus its corporate value. In line with this belief, we engage with stakeholders via a variety of channels and take heed of their expectations and requests to make improvements in our business management.

MUFG’s Channels for Communication with Stakeholders

MUFG’s Channels for Communication with Stakeholders

Engagement with Communities, Local Societies and the Environment

Engagement with Communities, Local Societies and the Environment
Park cleaning up and renovation work with the Student Conservation Association

MUFG employees proactively participate in volunteer activities and local events as members of the communities they serve. Such efforts are intended to enhance interaction with other community members and nurture ties with them.

Meanwhile, MUFG engages with NGOs and NPOs that work to resolve issues society is confronting, incorporating the insights and advice such bodies provide into its own CSR activities. Moreover, MUFG takes part in the Global Compact Network Japan’s subcommittees and other similar initiatives to engage in dialogue with other participants, study their best practices and remain informed of the latest developments related to social issues. In these ways, the Company is striving to help resolve such issues.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

General Meeting of Shareholders
The 12th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Seminars for individual investors
Large meeting for individual investors

General Meeting of Shareholders

The 12th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held on June 29, 2017.
The number of attendees: 2,150

In addition to a presentation on the past fiscal year and a report on the Company’s key business strategies and capital policies, the meeting entailed lively Q&A sessions, with MUFG executive officers and Group CEO providing answers to questions from 12 shareholders. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity to interact with shareholders and enhance mutual understanding.

Large meetings for individual investors

Held on seven occasions in fiscal 2016; approximately 1,360 attendees

Large meetings for institutional investors

Held on 12 occasions in fiscal 2016

One on One meetings with institutional investors

Held on 557 occasions in fiscal 2016
(Of those, 387 meetings with overseas investors)

Dialogue with Employees

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings and its subsidiaries as well as Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS hold town hall meetings and round-table conferences aimed at enhancing mutual understanding between top management and employees.

In addition, MUFG is periodically conducting employee satisfaction surveys to reflect voices of employees in its business management.

(As of April 2018)