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Efforts to Create an Ethical Workplace

MUFG believes that higher employee satisfaction is reflected in work performance, and leads to increased customer satisfaction. We also believe that employees' job fulfillment is reflected in society and at home, fostering better communities. Based on these beliefs, we listen to employees' ideas to create more fulfilling workplaces.

Supporting Employee's Child-rearing

Each group company is Kurumin certified under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, and Eruboshi certified under the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Childcare Support and
Return-to-Work ProgramsBankTrust BankSecuritiesNICOSACOM

Company nursery school

Company nursery school

Each MUFG company has in place measures to support both work and child-rearing. Additionally, in order to help employees to promptly return to the workplace after taking child-rearing leave, MUFG has introduced the return-to-work support program "wiwiw"*1 Furthermore, in February 2017, MUFG introduced a conoierge service for finding childcare.*2 In April 2017, we established an in-house nursery school*3 in Koenji (Tokyo) and, in April 2018, we intend to establish another in-house nursery school in Kanda (Tokyo).

  • *1  Offered at the Bank, the Trust Bank, the Securities Business, and NICOS
  • *2  The Bank, the Trust Bank, and the Securities Business
  • *3  The Bank, the Trust Bank, and MUIT

MUFG Bank (the Bank)

The Bank supports women who wish to use their full abilities while balancing work with child-rearing. Examples include training and interviews before and after they take maternity leave and the "wiwiw" support program that helps employees on childcare leave prepare for return to work. The Bank also offers diversity-management training for management-level employees to learn methods for developing and managing a diverse workforce that includes working mothers.

In April 2017, the Bank introduced a work-at-home system for employees at headquarters divisions in Japan, allowing flexible working styles to help in balancing work with child-rearing and nursing care.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking (the Trust Bank)

To help employees seeking a work-life balance to make continuous advances in career development, the "working style advice service" has been established, which can be used be employees from during pregnancy to throughout the child-rearing process. Also, a helpful "handbook to support career development and child-rearing" is being distributed which summarizes various work-life balance support programs in an easy-to-understand way. In addition, the support program "wiwiw" was introduced, which offers a variety of information on smoothly transitioning back into work after taking maternity leave and balancing a career and childcare after returning to work. In these ways, a wide variety of useful support systems have been established for our employees.

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (the Securities Business)

Return-to-Work Seminar

Return-to-Work Seminar

The Securities Business distributes a "guide on pre- and post-maternity leave and child-rearing leave" and offers the "wiwiw" program to support those on leave in returning to work. In addition, the Securities Business conducts "return-to-work seminars" to alleviate employee concerns prior to returning to work. The business also promotes awareness of making shifts to working styles that place an emphasis on career formation.

The business is emphasizing awareness among superiors by conducting training for managers with subordinates who are returning to work. To help employees balance work and child-rearing, the business is not only providing economic support in such ways as, defraying day-care expenses and subsidizing the use of babysitters, it is also continuously enhancing systems to promote diverse working styles through such means as shortening working hours and implementing shift-work systems.

Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS (NICOS)

To support women who wish to use their full abilities while balancing work with child-rearing, NICOS conducts one-on-one interviews before and after they take maternity and childcare leave, and offers the "wiwiw" support program that helps those on leave prepare for return to work.

NICOS also places an emphasis on supporting such employees’ career development to alleviate their concerns prior to returning to work and help them build a positive vision of their future career.


In February 2016, ACOM extended applicable period of short working hour system for working parents to last until their children has finished the third year of elementary school in order to enable its employees to meet the demands of work and parenting.

Promoting Male Participation in
Child-RearingBankTrust BankSecurities

MUFG encourages male employees to participate in child-rearing. MUFG Bank and Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities allow up to 10 working days of child-rearing leave, and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking provides up to two weeks of paid leave for child-rearing. MUFG Bank and Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities have set a target for a 100% rate of men taking child-rearing leave. In addition, MUFG provides a pamphlet "HUG kumu" which introduces highlights and benefits of men participating in child-rearing.

Supporting a Balance between Work and Care

MUFG Care Seminar

Care Seminar

Care Seminar

MUFG has been providing opportunities for employees to foster better understanding of nursing care, and prepare in advance so that they can make a good balance between work and care of their elderly parents in the future.

There have been seminars on "The long-term care insurance system and preparing to combine work commitments with care giving," "Preparing the transition from hospital to homecare/facility care," and "Understanding dementia", etc. Each time, approximately 800 employees participated, representing each Group company.

The seminars were instrumental for participants being aware of their own situation as well as understanding situations of their colleagues who have tackled with balancing work and care.

Opening of Counseling Services for Caregiving

External counseling services offering specific advice from experts according to individual situations of employees were introduced, and support systems for balancing work and care are being enhanced.

Efforts to Promote Work-Life Balance BankTrust BankSecuritiesNICOS

Through the diversification of working styles and other measures to achieve working flexibility, we are working to raise productivity and prevent long working hours.

MUFG Bank (the Bank)

In 2015, the Bank started a bank-wide project for working-style reforms aimed at creating an energetic organization, with "each employee independently taking on the challenge of change" as its core policy. Key concepts are "challenge", "grounding in reality" and "free and vigorous." By reviewing existing rules and customs, the Bank has embarked on structural reforms to working styles. In 2016, the Bank launched the second-stage Working-style Reform 2.0 under the slogan "Open, Simple & Speedy" and a broader "Iku-boss" concept in which managers boost productivity by encouraging individual employees in their professional life and also considering their private and family needs for the sake of working style reforms that are even more productive and flexible.

Achieving flexible working styles Introduction of systems for morning-oriented working styles, work at home system (possible telecommuting aspect), and select flex-time system
Establishment of flexible work guidelines
Achieving efficient working styles Introduction of "My Style" card for visualizing employees’ estimated leaving time
Promoting work-life balance Set target (70%) for rate of employee taking annual paid leave for fiscal 2017
Establishment of working hour guidelines (11 hours)

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking (the Trust Bank)

The Trust Bank is promoting the Smart Work Project as a companywide initiative for achieving working style reforms and enhanced business efficiency. The Trust Bank holds "town meetings" at all locations, offices and divisions. Based on employee proposals, the Trust Bank is pursuing improvement measures to bolster productivity and enhance business efficiency.

From July 2017 the Trust Bank introduced a work-at-home system so that employees raising children or providing nursing care can work in a flexible manner. Going forward, by continuing to curtail long working hours and promote flexible and diverse working styles, we will encourage increased everyday attention to health.

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (the Securities Business)

The Securities Business is carrying out working style reforms as one aspect of the "project to enhance on-the-ground capabilities"-an initiative to encourage locations, offices and divisions to resolve issues on their own. Based on employee input obtained in "town meetings with the president" and "executive caravans," the Securities Business has facilitated flexible working styles through the introduction of a discretionary working system, flextime system and staggered-hours system. Moreover, the Securities Business launched its Smart Challenge 10 initiative in July 2016 to help reduce long working hours and encourage employees to take more annual leave. It distributed the Work and Life Evolution: Helping us Progress booklet to all employees to illustrate ways to improve the common causes of overtime, and to suggest that taking paid leave is a great way to replenish energy.

Furthermore, in December 2016, the Securities Business joined the Ikuboss Corporate Alliance and, upon the announcement of the Ikuboss Declaration from the business's President, commenced genuine Ikuboss activities. These activities are carried out by supervisors who train their subordinates in the workplace and make efforts to enhance their engagement and provide support for both their career and their personal leaves. Such supervisors are also able to achieve solid organizational results while enjoying their careers and personal lives and helping realize a highly productive workplace. Through these activities, the Securities Business is working to create a workplace even more conducive to job satisfaction.

Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS (NICOS)

NICOS promotes employees' work-life balance by reducing long working hours, and encouraging employees to take consecutive days of paid annual leave. NICOS makes it a rule to have a No Overtime Day in two days per week, and employees are encouraged to leave at the official 7 p.m. finishing time on these days, bonus payment days, and on July 7 (Cool Earth Day), as well as each day during Obon week (Japanese traditional annual holiday in the summer) and two weeks in November for Family Week. In addition, NICOS has established a system for employees to take five consecutive days of paid annual leave each year, as well as "anniversary leave," which encourages employees to take paid leave on private anniversaries.

Efforts to Promote the Family Life of EmployeesBankTrust BankSecuritiesNICOS

We are carrying out initiatives that involve having the children of employees visit their parents at work to study about such things as the role of finance and gain a hands-on workplace experience. These initiatives have received a large amount of positive feedback from employees, with some employees making comments such as "I feel closer to my child now that I was able to show them a different side of myself," and "by having an exchange with the families of my fellow employees, I was able to gain a better understanding of them."

  Program Number of participants Contents
MUFG Bank Kagaya Kids' Day Over 800 Money counting, feeling the weight of ¥100 million, exchanging business cards, visiting parents at work, etc.
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Children's Visiting Day Approximately 30 Visiting Mitsubishi UFJ Shintakuginko Shintaku Museum, feeling the weight of ¥100 million, exchanging business cards, visiting parents at work, etc.
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Take Your Child to Work Day Approximately 70 Visiting the dealing room, exchanging business cards with the President, visiting parents at work, etc.
Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Family Visit Day Approximately 130 Visiting the card gallery, exchanging business cards, visiting parents at work, etc

Communication between Management and EmployeesBankTrust BankSecuritiesNICOS

At each MUFG Group company, we hold town hall meetings and various kinds of social gatherings. At these events, employees and management exchange opinions on improving front-line capabilities and share their thoughts on realizing personal goals. In doing so, these events help deepen the mutual understanding between management and employees.

The MUFG Bank (the Bank)

Since his appointment in June 2017, President Kanetsugu Mike has been visiting the Bank's various branches to engage in dialogue with employees, and in conjunction this, he also has been holding town hall meetings.

In the town hall meetings held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya throughout July and August, 357 people participated in total, and Mr. Mike talked with employees on a wide range of topics.

In this way, the Bank is working to increase opportunities for communication between management and employees through not only regular dialogue with the president but also frequent visits to sales offices by officers in charge of each area of operations.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking (the Trust Bank)

Since his appointment in 2016, President Mikio Ikegaya has been actively visiting each branch office to discuss a variety of issues with employees. Topics of discussion include the necessary way to implement fiduciary duty to realize the Trust Bank's vision of "Best Trust Bank for You" as well as the idea that excellent internal and office communication provides the cornerstone for business management. Mr. Ikegaya has held such discussions 46 times, with approximately 1,540 employees participating in them.

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (the Securities Business)

The Securities Business has been implementing company-wide initiatives to improve "GENBARYOKU" (enhance on-the-ground capabilities) toward "creating vigorous and worthwhile workplaces" since 2015.

As part of the efforts, it continuously holds "town hall meetings with the President" where President Takashi Nagaoka visits each branch office and engages in interactive communication through dialogue with its employees. In fiscal 2016, the meetings were held 19 times in total, in which approximately 520 employees were participated.

Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS (NICOS)

Since his appointment in 2014, President Haruo Inoue has been holding town hall meetings at each branch office. Thus far, over 800 employees have participated in these meetings.

At these meetings, active discussion has been held on initiatives for realizing NICOS's vision of becoming the "the most reliable settlement company that leads the next generation of cashless payment" as well as on future growth and challenges. As such, these meetings have provided opportunities for management and employees to share ideas. In 2016, a town hall meeting was held with an affiliate for the first time, thereby further fostering a sense of unity.

Listening to Our EmployeesBankTrust BankSecuritiesNICOSACOM

In order to ensure that employees' opinions are reflected in both corporate operations and systems, each group company collects opinions from its employees and conducts employee surveys by utilizing its intranet.

MUFG Bank (the Bank)

The Bank, through its intranet called "OPEN," provides opportunities for its employees to share their opinions, either using their own names or anonymously. To help create a vigorous environment and corporate culture, the Bank conducts a compulsory-anonymous employee survey once a year, in principle. In fiscal 2014, the bank also conducted a "Global Employee Survey" in which overseas employees from 45 countries participated in 15 different languages. Employee opinions and survey results are reported to management and other employees, which is then utilized to create a pleasant working environment.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking (the Trust Bank)

The Trust Bank conducts an annual employee satisfaction survey (ES Survey) of all its employees in Japan. Survey results and employees' opinions are communicated to management and employees alike in order to build a shared understanding, and are also used to improve the working environment. The Trust Bank plans to continually make improvements around issues that are raised by the survey.

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (the Securities Business)

The Securities Business has an Opinion Box that lets employees send in their comments and requests by e-mail. It also implements an employee satisfaction survey once per year, with the findings used by management and in initiatives to improve corporate culture.

Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS (NICOS)

Since fiscal 2008, NICOS has been conducting an employee awareness survey (morale survey) that targets all employees, including employees on fixed-term contracts. A comparative analysis with the results of past surveys helps the company monitor changes in awareness. The survey also helps identify issues and shape future policy decisions, the results of which are shared with all managers and employees.


ACOM conducts "Employee Satisfaction Surveys" to grasp employees' attitudes toward their tasks and workplace environments. The results from these surveys are utilized to plan and promote measures to further enhance ES.
Each department also plans and executes various programs to enhance ES based on the survey results.

Employee Health PromotionBankTrust BankSecuritiesNICOSACOM

Selection as Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (Major Corporation Category)

MUFG was selected as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (major corporation category) in February 2017 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization system began in FY 2017 and honors major and small- to mid-sized corporations that achieve excellence in health management based on their initiatives to address health issues in local communities and their participation in Nippon Kenko Kaigi's initiatives to promote healthfulness.

Initiatives of individual MUFG companies

Each Group company is making efforts to maintain employee health through such means as offering guidance and counseling on health management based on an employee's periodic health exam.

MUFG Bank (the Bank)

The Bank has set up Health Centers in three locations (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka Buildings), with full-time medical advisors and occupational health nurses. Based on the results of routine medical exams, they support employees' health maintenance through activities such as offering follow-up health checkups, health advice, and consultations with employees about issues of overwork.

They are also engaged in awareness-raising, through dental health checks and health-education programs "Fitness 30," for people at the age of 30 and publish Health Center Newsletters. "Fitness 30," which takes a full day, encompasses a health check, exercise machine guidance provided by specialist staff, a stamina assessment, oral hygiene guidance, nutritional guidance, and mental health group work conducted by a counselor. In addition, efforts are being made to get a better assessment of the workplace environment, by conducting mobile health consultations at local branch offices.

Three the Bank offices (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka) are equipped with Health Consultation Offices, where they work with doctors and counselors to help employees with any mental health issues they face. They hold various types of mental health trainings for personnel, including newly-appointed chief and senior managers, and are actively engaged in awareness-raising, including through providing useful information for mental health via a Health Consultation Office Newsletter once per month.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking (the Trust Bank)

The Trust Bank has established the Employees Counselors Division, which works with medical advisors, public health nurses and counselors to monitor employees' mental and physical health by conducting interviews about excessive work and conducting stress tests. Counseling offices have been put in place to promote employee health by offering health guidance based on the results of routine medical checks, providing training about mental health during new employee training, distributing a monthly "health committee bulletin" and providing 24-hour access to external counselors.

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (the Securities Business)

The Securities Business has established the Healthcare Center in an effort to support the mental and physical health of its employees. At the center, occupational physicians, public health nurses, and occupational health nurses conduct follow-up measures for employees based on the results of routine medical exams, and also work to improve the working environment by meeting with employees about overwork, and managing the Health Committee. With respect to mental health, the Securities Business has established a mental health hotline that employees can contact easily for guidance. The business also conducts professional consulting via clinical psychologists and holds open mental health seminars.

Also, the Health Promotion Division publishes a newsletter, holds lectures on health lifestyles, and conducts stress checks. In addition, the division helps introduce employees to outside EAP hotlines and lends audio CDs for relaxation. In these ways, the division makes efforts to support the health of employees from a wide variety of perspectives.

Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS (NICOS)

At NICOS, a full-time supervising medical advisor in the head office works closely with part-time medical advisors in offices throughout the country. Follow-up measures after medical exams, mental healthcare, meetings with employees about overwork, and other measures are used to promote employee health management.

NICOS is also bolstering its mental healthcare policies through the provision of appropriate care, on-the-job training, and consultations, which target employees that have recently joined the company or transferred to a new department. Moreover, through a checklist that allows employees to determine the degree of their accumulated fatigue, training, and the company intranet, NICOS has built an environment where employees proactively manage their own health.


A mental health module has been incorporated into the curriculum of level-specific training programs to promote awareness of important mental health issues and ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.

ACOM conducts stress examinations to prevent development of mental issues. Moreover, in conjunction with the ACOM Health Insurance Association, there is a dedicated health service for the benefit of employees with health issues or concerns, offering comprehensive health care delivered by public health nurses, industrial physicians and a clinical psychologist.

In addition, nearly 100% of the workforce undertakes an annual health check-up every year.

(As of April 2018)