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Relations with Shareholders and Investors

We strive to improve our corporate value through conducting open dialogue with shareholders, institutional investors, analysts, credit rating agencies, and other markets participants.

Major Initiatives

We promptly disclose and provide accurate information on our financial position and management strategies to our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. We also reflect the market evaluation of MUFG in our management policies.

Integrated Reports

In order for our stakeholders to deepen their understanding of our medium- to long-term value creation initiatives, we disclose our long-term management strategy and mid-term business plan, as well as corporate governance systems in the MUFG Integrated Report.

Financial Results Presentations and Business Strategy Seminars for Institutional Investors

We hold financial results presentations for institutional investors, securities analysts, and credit rating agencies. On occasion, we also hold business strategy seminars based on the needs and concerns of the market. The information and data disclosed at these presentations and seminars are available on our website.

Seminars for Individual Investors

We hold seminars aimed at individual investors. In addition, webcasts of these seminars can be viewed on our website.

General Shareholders' Meeting

The 12th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held in June 2017 at the Nippon Budokan (Tokyo). A webcast of the meeting can be viewed at the following site:

(As of April 2018)