Human Resources Strategy

Implementing various human resource development programs and personnel system reforms, we are striving to ensure that all 147,000 employees, who have diverse nationalities and values, remain highly motivated and can constantly develop their skills. By doing so, we are nurturing employees capable of providing high-value-added services to customers.

Human Resources Strategy

The MUFG Human Resources Principles serve as the basic policy to enable the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) to build a human resources management platform that aligns with MUFG’s Corporate Vision.

As we work to create one MUFG globally, the MUFG Human Resources Division has developed these Principles to provide the framework for delivering consistent, industry-leading Human Resources management practices across our entities around the globe.

The goal is for every colleague to experience employment with MUFG in the same way, no matter where they may be located in the world. The MUFG Human Resources Principles provide the foundation for establishing an inclusive, global team.

Shared Values

The MUFG Human Resources Principles will be implemented globally across MUFG in alignment with our shared organizational VALUES:

  • 1. Integrity and Responsibility
    Strive to be fair, transparent, and honest. Always act responsibly in the best interest of customers and society as a whole, building long-term stakeholder relationships and giving back to our communities.
  • 2. Professionalism and Teamwork
    Respect the diversity of our fellow workers and foster a strong spirit of teamwork. Expect the highest levels of professionalism.
  • 3. Challenge Ourselves to Grow
    Adopt a global perspective to anticipate trends and opportunities for growth. Create and sustain a responsive and dynamic workplace where everyone can focus on providing outstanding customer service and embrace new challenges.

HR Mission

The MUFG Human Resources Principles support the achievement of the following HR mission:

  • 1. Create a corporate culture that provides colleagues with opportunities for career growth, challenging them to perform well in a professional environment, where the highest standards of integrity are expected.
  • 2. Appointing the right person to the right job, in the right place to allow each colleague to maximize his/her career potential.
  • 3. Develop talent capable of contributing to the long-term and sustainable growth of our global society.

HR Vision

Be the industry leader in HR management to help MUFG realize its Corporate Vision: Be the world’s most trusted financial group.

HR Philosophy

Leverage the following HR philosophies to create consistent HR management practices across all MUFG entities:

  • Talent Acquisition

    Globally attract and recruit diverse talent that share and live OUR VALUES as members of MUFG. Create a strong Employer Brand that fosters recognition of MUFG as an Employer of Choice.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Evaluate performance fairly and objectively, considering not only the goals achieved, but also the competencies demonstrated to get the job done. Recognize the importance of factors, such as customer-centric focus, global mindset, and teamwork, to balancing short-term results with sustained long-term performance. Provide feedback and coaching on an ongoing basis to each colleague to foster ongoing development.

  • Total Rewards

    Reward colleagues competitively and appropriately in alignment with their contributions to MUFG’s growth and success—in effect, pay for performance. In addition to colleague performance, rewards will be reflective of the overall stability of the company and the economy.

  • Talent Management

    Assess the capabilities and career path of each colleague to place the right person in the right job, to maximize colleague and MUFG success. Develop strong succession plans and build a pipeline of inclusive leadership to appoint and promote our diverse colleagues from within.

  • Learning and Development

    Provide ongoing learning and development opportunities to help each colleague enhance his/her knowledge, skills and experience and improve his/her capability to impact achievement of the Corporate Vision.

Human Resource Development

At MUFG, each Group company is striving to help employees achieve growth in their careers by implementing a variety of training programs tailored to participants’ job roles and qualifications, including skills and leadership programs.

In March 2015, we established the MUFG Global Learning Center as a core human resource training facility for promoting MUFG’s Groupwide training initiatives for employees from locations around the world.

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) implements job-level based training on a Companywide basis to develop trainees’ interpersonal capabilities while executing department-specific training programs aimed at imparting skills and expertise necessary to provide sophisticated financial services. For employees hired overseas, we established the Relationship Managers Academy, a program for junior and mid-level employees from locations worldwide, and the Global Analyst Program, designed for new graduates who have just entered workforce, while providing leadership training for managerial persons.

In addition, we encourage self-motivated learning by employees who want to continue developing their skills outside of working hours. Optimized to address challenges each participant is facing and the stage of his/her growth, the Extended Learning Program (ELP) is in place for domestic employees, with sessions covering such subjects as basic financial knowledge and management skills being hosted in weekday nights as well as on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. From fiscal 2016, ELP sessions are rolled out in multiple companies within the Group.

Human Resource Development

Responding to Globalization

Optimal Staffing on a Global Basis

As of March 31, 2016, MUFG has approximately 147,000 employees, with around 57,000, or nearly 40%, being assigned to locations overseas.

BTMU is endeavoring to ensure optimal staffing on a global basis and to foster a sense of unity among Group employees through human resource exchange. To this end, BTMU provides employees who were hired overseas with opportunities to work at locations other than those where they joined the Company via, for example, its Global Job Posting Framework, an in-house job posting scheme specially designed for overseas employees. Currently, more than 80 employees have taken on assignments in other countries and regions. Of those, 30 employees are working in Japan.

Number of Group Employees

Nurturing Globally Capable Management Candidates

MUFG recognizes that nurturing those who have management know-how in the area of international business as well as highly specialized expertise is key to the success of its global business strategy. To select candidates for key managerial positions, MUFG Global Talent Review, a council headed by the human resources division of the holding company, is engaged in Groupwide discussions to determine if we have sufficient human resources for implementing our current business strategies while formulating succession plans and other countermeasures.

MUFG’s Human Resource Development and Training Systems

The establishment of Global Learning demonstrates the strong commitment to employee development and to creating a culture of personal and professional growth that will enable MUFG to succeed in its business aspirations. Globalization, technological advancements and an increasingly complex marketplace have transformed the financial industry worldwide, placing greater demands on the knowledge and skills of our staff. We are committed to providing practical and relevant learning opportunities that support business priorities and staff development needs.

Yvonne Corpuz Global Human Resources Office Global Chief Learning Officer

Facilitating a Diversity-Oriented Corporate Culture

MUFG has established the Principles of Ethics and Conduct and compliance manuals that clarify its commitment to nondiscrimination no matter the race, nationality, belief, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or other grounds, and to abstaining from human rights violations. Guided by this commitment, MUFG recognizes the creation of a diversity-oriented corporate culture as key to ensuring that employees with diverse values, backgrounds and perceptions of work, have appreciation for their jobs and the organization and that they can realize their full potential.

To create such a corporate culture on a Groupwide basis, MUFG issues the annual Diversity Report, featuring messages from top management and diversity initiatives and best practices undertaken by Group companies. Moreover, we host the MUFG Global Diversity Forum in which Group employees with diverse nationalities, ages, genders and fields of expertise convened from locations around the world with the aim of enhancing their understanding of diversity and globalization.

Assisting Women with Their Career Development

Removing the career restrictions imposed on women is one of our most urgent diversity issues. MUFG has set the goal of raising the ratio of female managers for the Group in Japan to 20%* by the end of March 2018. Furthermore, each Group company has set its own numerical target for the active promotion of its female workers. Thanks to these efforts, the ratio of female managers at MUFG improved to 17.4% as of April 2016. As part of this initiative, in June 2016 Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (MUTB) appointed its first female corporate executive officer (concurrently serving as the General Manager of the Corporate Consulting Services Division) in Japan. At the same time, BTMU appointed a female corporate executive officer to both its U.S. and Hong Kong operations.

To help women develop their potential and find success in their careers, each Group company is implementing a variety of supportive initiatives, for example, providing opportunities to interact with executives and build networks with fellow female employees, implementing career development training and mentoring support for women, and adopting personnel systems allowing women to convert job categories and helping those who left workforce to get reinstated.

We also provide managers with dedicated training programs to impart methods regarding the oversight of diverse human resources, including working mothers, aiming at raising employees’ awareness of the career development assistance that those in managerial positions can provide.

* Combined target of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation and Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (MUMSS)

Targeted Ratio or Number of Female Managers and Executives (domestic Group companies)

Responding to globalization

Work-Life Balance

MUFG believes that higher employee satisfaction is reflected in work performance and leads to increased customer satisfaction. MUFG also believes that an employee’s job fulfillment is reflected in society and at home, fostering better communities. Therefore, MUFG is striving to help employees strike a good work-life balance in order to create an even more rewarding workplace environment.

Helping Strike a Balance between Work and Child Rearing

Each MUFG Group company is working to help employees strike a balance between work and child rearing by, for example, providing reinstatement support programs, such as training and counseling sessions for employees prior to taking maternity or childcare leave and for employees who are about to be or have been reinstated to the workforce. Each Group company also provides subsidy for childcare and babysitter expenses while enhancing its personnel systems, such as a system to allow eligible employees to shorten working hours.


Thanks to these and other initiatives, each MUFG Group company has obtained the Kurumin Certification, a symbol of authorization under Japan’s Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. Employers satisfying certain requirements such as putting a proper employer action plan in place and supporting the work-life balance of employees, are able to obtain certification from the directors general of prefectural labor bureaus. In addition, BTMU has acquired the Platinum Kurumin Certification, a special labeling for Kurumin-certified corporations that engage in more advanced initiatives, in February 2016.

~Promoting Male Participation in Child Rearing~

In general, few men choose to take long-term childcare leave in Japan. Nevertheless, each MUFG Group company offers male workers short-term paid childcare leave to encourage them to participate in child rearing. We also distribute tips for and benefits of child rearing so that men can play significant roles. As such, we are actively helping them take childcare leave.

Helping Strike a Balance between Work and Nursing Care

With the rapid aging of Japan’s society, nursing care is an issue that any employee might one day confront. To help employees strike a balance between work and nursing care, MUFG holds seminars aimed at raising their awareness of the importance of being ready to prepare for this issue even before it emerges and imparting basic knowledge on nursing care. By doing so, we help employees smoothly engage in nursing care whenever necessary.

Working Style Reforms

Each MUFG Group company promotes Working Style Reforms employing feedback from employees gleaned in town meetings and working group meetings. Specifically, we are striving to realize more flexible working styles, including earlier shifts, flextime and staggered working time, while allowing eligible employees to work at home. By doing so, we strive to improve productivity and prevent long working hours at the same time.

Employment for People with Disabilities

Utilizing its special subsidiary, MUFG is proactively hiring people with disabilities. At each MUFG Group company, people with disabilities are actively working in various offices. As for staffing these people, we work closely with them in order to match their duties to the capabilities and aptitudes of each according to their individual circumstances.

Employment for People with Disabilities

Assisting Women with Their Career Development

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