Global Banking Business

We respond to the funding needs of corporate customers around the world while providing cash management and advisory services. We also provide retail services in the United States and Thailand.

Global Banking Business

Medium- to Long-Term Strategy

Kanetsugu Mike Senior Managing Executive Officer Group Head, Global Business Group and Regional Executive for the America

Kanetsugu Mike

Senior Managing Executive Officer
Group Head, Global Business Group and Regional Executive for the America

  • •Aim to become the “First Call Bank” for customers around the world by leveraging region-specific advantages while strengthening the product and service capabilities of the entire Group
  • •Strengthen the business model to be less dependent on lending by boosting non-interest income through transactions with global companies. Step up commercial banking business in the U.S. and Thailand

Key Operating Companies

  • •MUFG boasts approximately 1,200 overseas bases spanning some 50 countries around the world.
  • •The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (BTMU) is engaged in commercial banking services around the world. Employing its global network, BTMU is striving to meet diversifying customer needs.
  • •MUFG Union Bank N.A. and the Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (Krungsri) are involved in corporate banking and retail banking business in the U.S. and Thailand, respectively.
  • •Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings Co., Ltd. (MUSHD) has securities subsidiaries operating in the U.S. as well as in such major cities as London, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Key Operating Companies

Fiscal 2015 Review

Fiscal 2015 Earnings Summary

Gross profits decreased 1.2% (¥15.1 billion) year on year to ¥1,279.2 billion. Net operating profits declined 7.1% (¥35.4 billion) year on year to ¥464.2 billion. After deducting the effect of foreign currency exchange, however, gross profits and net operating profits were up ¥63.1 billion and ¥9.7 billion year on year, respectively. Performance for fiscal 2015 was affected by the deceleration of growth in Asian economies, particularly China, which resulted in declines in trade transaction volume in emerging nations, and a worldwide plunge in resource prices. These factors, in turn, slowed the pace of profit growth compared with the previous fiscal year.

The average loan balance edged up 0.7% year on year (6.7% on a local currency basis), while average deposit balance rose 9.4% (15.2% on a local currency basis).

Boosting Non-Interest Income to Secure Sustainable Growth

We focused on developing competitive products and strengthening our client coverage model. These efforts have yielded high-value-added solutions, such as M&A-related finance, in line with the corporate reorganization in some sectors in the U.S. and Europe, resulting in an increase of non-interest income.

Going forward, we will strive to develop a balanced-profit portfolio while boosting non-interest income.

Strengthening the Commercial Banking Business in the U.S. and Asia

BTMU has signed a capital and business alliance agreement with Security Bank Corporation, a commercial bank based in the Philippines, a country boasting remarkable potential for future economic growth. Meanwhile, Krungsri in Thailand enjoyed stable growth in loans and revenue.
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In the U.S., our investment banking business and derivative transactions performed well. In addition, we carried out an organizational reform that included establishing an intermediate holding company to comply with new U.S. financial regulations enacted in July 2016.
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Gross Profits and Net Operating Profits

Fiscal 2015 Average Loan Balance and Average Deposit Balance

Non-interest Income from Transactions with Global Corporates*

FOCUS: Global Coverage Structure Backed by MUFG’s Unique Strengths

FOCUS: Global Coverage Structure Backed by MUFG’s Unique Strengths

CIB Business Service across Regional Boundaries

Consulted by representatives of a certain European major corporation with regard to raising funds for capital expenditure in Thailand, the BTMU London branch staff began working with the Krungsri staff to formulate a fund-raising scheme. Krungsri thus became a bond underwriter for this client and provided a commitment line for the raising of funds for capital expenditure.

Attracted by growth opportunities in Asia, a growing number of European and U.S. corporations are setting out to expand into the region. MUFG will satisfy the needs of those and other corporate customers, employing its superior product and service capabilities in Asia.

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