Retail Banking Business

To meet the needs of individual customers, we provide a wide range of products and services from housing loans to wealth management, inheritance and consumer finance.

Retail Banking Business

Medium- to Long-Term Strategy

Atsushi Murakami

Atsushi Murakami

Managing Executive Officer
Group Head, Retail Banking Business Group

  • •Promote the wealth management and asset succession businesses to facilitate a shift from savings to investment while stepping up the consumer finance business, as well as credit card and other settlement services, to stimulate personal consumption
  • •Ensure sustainable growth in wealth management business by pushing forward with the three-step maneuver of securing a broader customer base, stepping up the stock business (enhancing the assets under management) and boosting profit

Key Operating Companies

  • •The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (BTMU) boasts a robust retail banking network consisting of 665 bases nationwide. Employing this platform, BTMU provides a wide variety of financial services, ranging from deposits, housing loans and investment products to “BANQUIC,” a consumer finance product.
  • •Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (MUTB) handles investment trust products aimed at assisting customers with inheritance, living bequests and other asset succession issues. MUTB also engages in the real estate brokerage business.
  • •Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. (MUMSS) markets investment products, bonds and stocks. Meanwhile, Securities Co., Ltd. provides highly convenient online securities transaction services.
  • •Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd. and ACOM CO., LTD. engage in the credit card and consumer finance (card loan) businesses, respectively.

Retail Banking Network

Fiscal 2015 Review

Fiscal 2015 Earnings Summary

Gross profits decreased 3.1% (¥40.2 billion) year on year to ¥1,259.2 billion. Net operating profits fell 15.9% (¥54.1 billion) year on year to ¥286.6 billion. The decrease in profit is attributable to a decline in revenues from investment products due to the deterioration of the stock and foreign exchange markets since summer 2015 as well as a decrease in loan and deposit revenues resulting from lower interest margins.

Wealth Management Business

The listing of the three Japan Post Group companies was successful, resulting in expansion of our customer base. Specifically, while securities companies marketed stocks, the commercial bank utilized its brokerage function to offer stocks to bank customers. Thanks to these Groupwide efforts, a number of securities accounts were newly set up at MUFG. In addition, we have been receiving steadily growing customer requests for opening NISA accounts.

The fair value of assets under management decreased due to conditions in the stock and foreign exchange markets. However, the balance of inflows and outflows of assets yielded a rise in net inflow of ¥0.9 trillion compared with the end of the previous fiscal year.

Consumer Finance and Settlement Business

Thanks to the success of marketing strategies playing into the latest consumer spending trends, BTMU and ACOM enjoyed growth in the balance of and revenues from card loans, with the former promoting a card loan product under the “BANQUIC” brand. In addition, ACOM serves as a credit guarantee company to support financial institutions’ consumer finance businesses by employing its accumulated know-how in credit examination. As for this credit guarantee business, balance of loans guaranteed has grown steadily. Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS saw increases in card business transaction value and revenues.

Gross Proits and Net Operating Proits

Assets Under Management*

Consumer Finance and Card Business Revenue

FOCUS: Rolling Out a Preliminarily Housing Loan Examination System Using Tablet Terminals

FOCUS: Rolling Out a Preliminarily Housing Loan Examination System Using Tablet Terminals

To enhance customer convenience and operational efficiency, BTMU rolled out a preliminarily examination system for housing loan applications to all branches, having conducted a trial-basis installation at some BTMU business bases.

The rolling out of the system helped streamline the examination process considerably. Using tablet terminals, the system eliminates the need for signing, using a seal or doing any other paperwork. It automatically transfers input data from terminals to examination system database, with necessary documents being scanned using a tablet camera and securely transmitted.

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