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Terms and Conditions

This website (hereafter "MUFG site") is operated by Mitsubihi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (hereafter "MUFG") or agents of MUFG. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this MUFG site. By accessing the MUFG site and any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions below, please do not access the MUFG site, or any pages thereof. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. Please check these terms and conditions periodically for changes.

Disclaimer about Forward-Looking Statements

Information on the MUFG site may contain forward-looking statements with respect to the financial condition, results of operations and businesses of MUFG and its Group companies (hereinafter "the Group") . These forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties that may result from changes in the Group's operational environment.

Insider Trading

The Group posts press releases on the MUFG site to facilitate timely disclosure of information to its shareholders, investors, customers, and other stakeholders. The press releases may contain important information, defined in the Japanese Securities and Exchange Law, concerning the business of the Group. In the case that a person who receives such information by viewing the MUFG site conducts any sale, purchase or certain other transaction designated under the Japanese Securities and Exchange Law in respect of stocks or certain other securities or instruments issued by the Group, within 12 hours of disclosure to the designated media, such conduct may be deemed to be a violation of this law.


Copyright to the contents of the MUFG site (including but not limited to all information, brands and designs) are owned by the Group or affiliated companies involved in the operation of the MUFG site. They may not be used, copied or altered without the prior express consent of the Group.

Change in MUFG Site Contents

We reserve the right to suspend operation of, or change, the contents of the MUFG site at any time without prior notification.


The Group protects personal information submitted to this website in accordance with MUFG's
Personal Information Protection Policy.


MUFG continuously strives to enhance its website security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss, destruction, alteration, and unauthorized disclosure of customer information.

Measures include

  1. Information entered on the MUFG site is encrypted during transmission by Security Socket Layer (SSL) software.
  2. MUFG applies industry standard practices including "firewalls" which block unauthorized access, in order to safeguard the confidentiality of customer information.
  3. Appropriate virus alert programs are installed on our computers.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will the Group be liable for any troubles, damages or losses arising from the use of the MUFG site or any information contained within it. Furthermore, in no event will the Group be liable for any troubles, damages or losses arising from the interruption or suspension of the operation of any MUFG site, or from changes to the information and materials contained herein.


In order to enhance security and to provide customized information, the MUFG site uses cookies, which are small data structures used to store data on devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and to send information to the websites.
Please be advised that cookies used by MUFG do not contain any identifiable personal information.


You can change your browser settings to disable cookies from being accepted. To disable cookies from being accepted, refer to the help pages of your browser. However, please be aware that the pages on our website may be incorrectly displayed or inaccessible if you improperly configure your browser settings.

First-party cookies

Cookies are used to store your operational records, inputs, and other data related to your access to websites in your browser. With the first party cookies we issue, data about your access to our website (URL, time, device, and other properties) is stored, and we acquire the data when you access our website. We use our cookies and the data collected via cookies only for the following purposes:


  • To improve users’ convenience according to character display size settings, user inputs, and other settings stored
  • To improve our website through collection and statistical analysis of website usage data

Third-party cookies

Information stored in a third party cookie issued by a third party such as an advertisement company is acquired by the third party that issued the cookie when you access a website connected with it, and is handled in compliance with the privacy policy of the third party.
Through linkage with third parties, we may use information acquired by a third party (Google Analytics of Google LLC) to analyze our website operation and other relevant properties on your access to our website. If you wish to disallow a third party from acquiring information from you with third party cookies, please access the opt-out page of the third party and take the specified procedure.
  • ・About our use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to gauge website usage. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google LLC. The service analyzes website usage via cookies generated by this Website. None of the data collected, recorded, or analyzed in Google Analytics contains information that can be used to track/identify specific individuals. Google LLC manages all data according to its privacy policy.

If you wish to disable Google Analytics from acquiring information from you, please access the opt-out page of the third party and take the specified procedure.

For more details on the information collected by Google Analytics and Google's privacy policy, please visit the following Google websites. Please note that MUFG is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of Google Analytics.



  1. Links to websites offered by third parties
The MUFG site may contain links to or banners for websites provided and controlled by third parties. As we are not operating those websites, MUFG accepts no liability for any information offered at any third party website linked from the MUFG site.
  1. Linking to the MUFG site
As regards linking to the MUFG site, please comply with all of the instructions set forth below. In no event will the Group or any Group companies be liable for any troubles, damages or losses arising from linking to the MUFG site.
  • The URL for use in links should be either https://www.mufg.jp/ or https://www.mufg.jp/english/. Direct links to other pages are prohibited.
  • The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group corporate symbol, logo or title design cannot be used as a button for linking. Please set out the link as words, for example Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc., or Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.
  • Links that display the contents of the MUFG site as part of the linking website using frames or other techniques are prohibited due to the possibility of errors occurring. Please utilize only links that open a new window or transfer the viewer to the MUFG site.
  • Links to the MUFG site should be used only for the purposes of convenience to those visiting the linking site. Implying a special relationship with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group or any Group company or utilizing the links as a sales point for commercial gain is strictly forbidden.
  • Links that may harm social trust in MUFG or may cause any economic loss to Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group or any Group company are forbidden. Offensive or illegal links will not be allowed.
  • In addition, any link that acts in a similar way to those listed as prohibited above will also be prohibited.

Recommended Settings for Viewing the MUFG Site

Use of one of the following internet browsers is recommended for viewing the MUFG site:


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  1. Introduction

It is the LinkedIn official account operated by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (hereinafter “the Group”) .

  1. Guidelines

The Guidelines shall apply to all users who use the Account, and all users who use the Account are deemed to have agreed to the Guidelines.


The Guidelines are subject to change without notice. Upon a change, please refer to the latest guidelines provided in the revised edition. The revised guidelines shall apply also to the information posted before the revision of the Guidelines (including comments, etc. from users) .

  1. Information Posted on the Account by the Group

The information posted on the Account by the Group is intended mainly to provide information of campaigns and other matters, not to provide investment advice, recommendation, and solicitation. Please use your own judgment when applying for investments, etc.


Furthermore, the Group shall not guarantee or covenant the accuracy and completeness of the information, and may change or abolish the content without notice. Please note in advance that the Group is not liable for errors and omissions in the information.


The information on the Account does not necessarily represent the official announcement or view of the Group. The Group’s official announcement and view shall be released via the corporate website


The information on the Account is as of the time of release. Please refer to the Group’s corporate website and news releases for the latest information. Links to third party websites being shared on the Account are intended merely to provide additional information, and it does not mean that the Group supports, approves, or agrees to contents of the link destination.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

The copyrights in this account such as uploaded contents, corporate logos/marks, trademark, pictorial image and etc. shall be owned by the copyright holder and are protected by intellectual property right law (including but not limited to copyright, design right, patent right, utility model right, trademark right, know-hows).Users, without the permission of the right holder, may not use any information provided through the official account beyond the scope not subject to the Copyright Act such as the reproduction for private use which is permitted by the Copyright Act. In addition, any use of information for commercial purposes is prohibited.


Uploaded contents to this account by users shall not have confidentiality and reserved rights. Users shall permit the Group to utilize relevant contents non-exclusively (including elaboration, extraction, replication, publication, translation, and etc.) . Also, users shall not exercise the intellectual property rights such as copyright, moral right, etc. to the Group regarding those contents.


If any problem arises between a user and a right holder or third party as a result of the violation of this article, the user shall resolve the problem on its own responsibility and expense.

  1. Comments, etc. to the Account

The Group shall not reply to comments, etc. posted by users on the Account, in principle.


The user who posted comments, etc. on the Account shall be responsible for them, and the Group shall not assume any responsibility. In addition, comments, etc. from users are not supported or approved by the Group, and do not represent the view of the Group.


It is considered that a user who followed the Account or posted comments, etc. permitted the Group to access the information which the user releases on the SNS.


The Group shall accept comments, etc. posted on the Account as opinions. However please note in advance that the matters related to the following may be subject to deletion, user block, etc.

  • Any post which slanders the sales, financial products, etc. of the Group or third parties, or which has no ground
  • Any post which infringes the copyright, portrait rights, and intellectual property rights of the Group or third parties
  • Personal information and transaction information including the information of a user itself, which should not be opened to the public
  • Any post which offends laws or public order and morals
  • Any post which pretends to be other user or a third party, etc.
  • Any post which is not related to the intent of the Account
  • Any other post which is determined as inappropriate by the Group
  1. Personal Information

The Group will never ask the account number, transaction information, etc. to a user on the Account.


Please refer to “Personal Information Protection Policy” for detail.

  1. Other matters

The Group, at its own discretion, may suspend the information distribution through the Account without notice, and may close the Account.


The Account is operated by the systems of each SNS operating company. The Group shall never reply to inquiries about the system operation status, functions and usage of the software and application of each SNS company, and other technical inquiries. In addition, the Group shall not guarantee the functions and safety of the Account.


The Group shall assume no responsibility for any loss resulting from the use of the Account or suspension of the use.


The Guidelines shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to any dispute arising between a user and the Group in connection with the use of the Account and associated services.

How to Use Text To Speech

ReadSpeaker Text to Speech Tool

ReadSpeaker Japan’s text to speech (TTS) service enhances any webpage with audio narration of text content.
TTS function makes your site’s content conveniently accessible by the elderly, users with reduced vision and anyone who needs to rest their eyes.
ReadSpeaker is available for free and does not require any downloaded plug-ins or applications.

How to Use

  • Click iconin the upper corner of your screen to automatically read previously selected text.
  • Use your mouse to select the part of the text you want read, then click the ReadSpeaker icon to read the selected text.
  • Open settings (gear icon) to turn highlight tool on/off, change speed of speech or turn selected text reading tool on/off.
    You can also customize the color of highlights, turn screen auto scroll on/off, choose enlarged text display and more.
  • JavaScript must be enabled to use the full features of ReadSpeaker

Keyboard Controls

  • ReadSpeaker can also be operated without a mouse by using the keyboard to start and stop speech.

Stop Reading: ENTER key (works on all browsers)
Start Reading: Keys vary by OS and browser.



  • IE : Alt+L+Enter
  • Firefox : Alt+Shift+L
  • Chrome : Alt+L
  • Safari : Alt+L
  • Edge : Alt+L


  • Firefox 2 or higher : Control+L
  • Firefox 14 or higher : Control+Alt+L
  • Chrome 1 or higher : Control+Alt+L
  • Safari 4 or higher : Control+Alt+L


Please note that automated TTS by synthesized voice may pronounce the names of people, places, proper nouns or abbreviations incorrectly.
Furthermore, ReadSpeaker Japan is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused through use of its services.

Compatible Environments

ReadSpeaker is compatible with all common OS and browsers (including tablets and smartphones).
Check “Recommended Settings for Viewing the MUFG Site” for more information about compatible software.
Devices with mp3 compatible audio players can be used for text to speech.
(*)This operating environment does not guarantee 100% function of all features.
ReadSpeaker is a best-effort model online service. Please note that data connection may be poor quality or irregular due to variations in telecommunication environments and/or user devices.

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