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Sustainability Management

MUFG's Sustainability Management

 With the conviction that environmental and social sustainability are essential to achieving sustainable growth for MUFG, we have been engaging in value creation by employing an integrated approach in which the execution of management strategies goes in tandem with the pursuit of solutions for social issues.

Promotion Structure for Sustainability Management

The Sustainability Committee is in place to deliberate on MUFG’s initiatives to address environmental and social issues. Conclusions reached by this Committee are reported to and discussed by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. Moreover, the Board of Directors has made sustainability management a priority agenda item and maintains an annual PDCA cycle to monitor and improve MUFG’s relevant initiatives.

In addition, the Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Group Chief Sustainability Officer (CSuO), who is a member of the Board

of Directors. With the aim of integrating MUFG’s sustainability initiatives with its main business and management strategies, the Group CSuO concurrently serves as the Group Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), who is in charge of supervising corporate and strategic planning.

Priority Environmental and Social Issues MUFG Must Address

We have reviewed priority issues that must be tackled to help achieve environmental and social sustainability in light of our newly established Purpose, “Committed to empowering a brighter future.” with an eye to better fulfilling society’s expectations in areas where MUFG’s capabilities can be brought to bear. As a result of this review, we have freshly defined the 10 priority issues.
(As of September 2021)