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Fiduciary Duties

MUFG Basic Policy for Fiduciary Duties

  • MUFG will formulate and announce “MUFG Basic Policy for Fiduciary Duties” as a common guideline of the Group so as to enforce its customer-oriented undertakings.
  • Under this basic policy, the Group companies will share the customer-oriented undertakings and aspire to further improve their products and services and we will periodically announce status updates. In addition, MUFG, while monitoring these efforts, will periodically revise this policy in order to better realize customer-oriented business operations.

[MUFG Group Code of Conduct:1-1]Honesty and Integrity

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We carry out fair and transparent corporate activities with honesty and integrity. We treat customer assets with care and respect and strive always to ensure that our actions do not unjustly damage our customers' interests.
  1. Ensure customer-oriented approach
  • Each employee fully recognizes his or her heavy social responsibilities and will strive to undertake business putting customers first while always adopting a fair and sincere attitude and maintaining the highest professional ethical standards.
  1. Developing and providing products that match customers' needs
  • We will constantly consider customers' best interests and develop and provide products that match their needs.
  1. Implementing customer-oriented consultation and provision of information
  • Implementing customer-oriented consultation and provision of information
    1. We will propose appropriate products to customers that match their knowledge, experience, financial circumstances and transaction purposes;
    2. We will provide customers with timely and careful follow-up services based on the market trend, customers' investment status, etc.

  • Providing customers with detailed information commensurate with their level of understanding
    1. We will enhance the provision to customers of information including that on products, risks, fees and market trends and provide them with easy-to-understand and in-depth explanations;

  • Improvement of transparency of fees so as to contribute to customers' investment judgment
    1. We will enhance transparency of fees and provide in-depth explanations so as to contribute to customers' investment judgment.

  • Development of a performance evaluation system that reflects customer-oriented undertakings
    1. We will develop a performance evaluation system to evaluate comprehensive sales activities that contribute to customers' benefits and needs, and initiatives.

  • Initiatives of investment education
    1. We will provide a variety of investment education opportunities to assist customers in considering their life plans and asset building as well as in taking actions by leveraging our asset management know-how.

[MUFG Group Code of Conduct:1-2]Ensuring Quality

To build lasting relationships of trust and confidence with our customers, we listen carefully to what our customers are telling us, and maintain thoroughgoing quality control of all our products and services, from planning and development to provision and subsequent revisions, with a view to further enhancing quality.
  1. Provision of line of products to meet diverse needs
  • Provision of line of products to meet diverse needs
    1. We will be equipped with diverse products that match diverse needs of our customers according to their investment periods and experiences, market trends etc.

  • Selection of products that contribute to customers' asset building and provision of sales procedures
    1. We will select products that contribute to asset building from the customer's perspective and propose products that are appropriate for customers regardless of our business affiliation relationships and of fees paid by the company supplying the product to the sales company.
  1. Sophistication of investment for the improvement of customers' investment results
  • Sophistication of investment for the improvement of customers' investment results
    1. We strive to improve existing investment methods and pursue new investment opportunities and concurrently will sophisticate our investment and administration systems.

  • Ensuring independence and transparency of investment management
    1. We will fulfill our duties faithfully for the benefit of our customers while further strengthening our governance structure as a investment management firm so as to ensure management independence and transparency.
    2. In addition to rigorous management of conflicts of interest undertaken thus far through Chinese wall and other means, we will further enhance the effectiveness of stewardship activities as a investment management firm.
  1. Improvement of quality of comprehensive asset administration services to support customers' asset management
  • Improvement of quality of comprehensive asset administration services to support customers' asset management
    1. We strive to develop new areas of and new technologies for asset administration services and thereby to provide the highest quality of comprehensive asset administration services.

  • Providing a broad range of information about asset administration
    1. We will provide a broad range of information about asset administration on a timely basis to support customers' efficient asset management.

[MUFG Group Code of Conduct:1-3]Exceeding Customer Expectations

We aim to meet the diverse needs of our customers worldwide, and to provide services exceeding their expectations through the highest standards of professionalism, by leveraging our global network and the consolidated strengths of the entire Group.
  1. Provision of financial services leveraging the Group's consolidated strength
  • We will fulfill customers' diverse needs by leveraging the Group's consolidated strength, mobilizing each Group company's products, services, know-how and resources.
  • We will provide not only investment products but comprehensive financial services based on customers' balance sheets while taking succession of assets to next generations into account.
  1. Establishment of a structure enabling comfortable, secure and safe transactions
  • We seek to develop a variety of channels including over the counter, call centers and online trading to improve customers' convenience.
  • We seek to develop services and consulting methods that leverage information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide customers with new added value.
  1. Exertion of professionalism
  • We will seek to foster professional human resources and further improve our expertise so as to respond to customers' sophisticated and diverse needs and earn lasting trust and confidence of our customers.

Major Group companies Initiatives

[Group companies (in Japan) implementing undertakings based on this basic policy]


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