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Brand Personality Brand Personality

Brand Personality

Brand Personality

At MUFG, we strive to continuously take on challenges and transform ourselves to remain “Committed to empowering a brighter future,” for our customers and partners, local communities and society, future generations, and members of MUFG.


The MUFG brand is made up of three personalities, each with its own story.


Through cohesive communications, we hope to increase recognition of who we are, what we have achieved and what we aspire to be, across all touchpoints.

Thoughtful and flexible

We at MUFG are always thinking about what is best for our customers. This means putting ourselves in their shoes and getting to know them on a deeper level.

We strive to provide value that exceeds customer expectations by leveraging the diversity of our members. This helps us build long-term relationships with customers.

Reliability founded on intelligence and conviction

We at MUFG take environmental and social issues seriously and are committed to finding solutions to them.

We will continue to build upon the knowledge accumulated over our history as one of the world’s leading global financial groups from Japan to build a sustainable society.

Determination to seize the future and act on it

We want to broaden our perspectives when envisioning the future. To nurture the courage and excitement to effect change.

We at MUFG remain committed to paving the way toward a brighter future. This is achieved by our ongoing determination to provide world-class financial services globally.

Our Logo

MUFG global logo

The MUFG global logo is the symbol of our combined efforts as a premier financial group to comprehensively and flexibly respond to the financial needs of our customers. It is meant to evoke the breadth, relevance, and quality of the financial services that we generate through the collective efforts of the Group.


The MUFG global logo consists of two elements, both of which are critical: the Symbol Mark and the MUFG global logotype.

MUFG global logo

The Story Behind the Symbol Mark

The MUFG Group Symbol Mark uses overlapping circles to express the MUFG Group’s goals of “a new kind of comprehensive financial service created through the Group’s collective strength” and “friendly service with understanding for customers”. The circle in the center represents the “New Group”, while the outer intersecting circles represent MUFGs expansion both domestically and internationally, representing the MUFG Group’s desire to “create a world-class comprehensive financial service group that provides the highest level of service at all locations and areas”.

The Story Behind the MUFG Global Logotype

The graceful, dignified design of the MUFG Group logotype represents the MUFG brand and its aim to be a robust presence that supports society throughout the ages. It symbolizes our desire to grow and take on challenges as well as our confidence in our initiatives, and bolsters our identity as a financial institution founded on trust and reliability.

MUFG Corporate Colors

MUFG Red and MUFG Grey are our official corporate colours, and are the predominant colours in the MUFG system.
MUFG corporate colours

The Story Behind the Corporate Colors

MUFG Red and MUFG Gray are the Group’s Corporate Colors, used in our symbol mark. MUFG Red represents our sense of vitality and responsibility in our pursuit of the highest level of service and attempt to transform the future of financial services, as well as our passion for connecting with customers and treating each and every one with integrity.MUFG Gray is used in the MUFG Global Logotype and represents the intelligence and trustworthiness of a truly reliable, comprehensive financial service group. When displaying Corporate Colors and Sub Colors, use the swatches and recreate the designated colors as accurately as possible.

Design System Concepts

The Lens of Opportunity

The Lens of Opportunity is a crucial element at the core of visual expressions for the MUFG brand.

This graphic element was designed based on the symbol mark and symbolizes our focus on building long-term relationships and a sustainable future.

It expresses the diverse values held by MUFG, our flexibility, our ability to dream of a brighter future, and our passion to take action, promoting the identity of MUFG in a consistent manner across a variety of media to stakeholders both inside and outside the company.

The Lens and the photograph it focuses on show our vision for the future and symbolize how we will actually achieve this in our customer relationships.
Focusing on strengthening relationships with customers is the foundation of our vision to be the world's most trusted financial group.

The Lens of Opportunity


This collage of photographs was curated as a visual expression of the three brand personalities. Each photo, when combined with the Lens of Opportunity and color palette, represents MUFG and our vision for the future.