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Certain statements made in these materials, including some management targets, may contain forward-looking statements which reflect management's views and assumptions. The management targets represent goals that management will strive to achieve through the successful implementation of MUFG's business strategies. MUFG may not be successful in implementing its business strategies, and management may fail to achieve its targets. The management targets and other forward-looking statements involve current assumptions of future events as well as risks and uncertainties that could significantly affect expected results, including: adverse economic conditions in Japan, the United States or other countries; declining real estate and/or stock prices; additional corporate bankruptcies or additional problems in business sectors to which our group companies lend; increased competitive pressures; changes in laws and regulations applicable to our business; and adverse changes in Japanese economic policies. Please see our latest Consolidated Summary Report, Annual Securities Report, Disclosure Book, Annual Report for additional information regarding the risks in our businesses.


To the extent materials containing forward-looking statements remain on our website, we have no obligation or intent to update those forward-looking statements.