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Businesses and Network Businesses and Network

Businesses and Network

We reorganized the segmentation of the business groups and implement a system for integrated group operation to be facilitated by the Bank, the Trust Bank and the Securities HD, on July 1, 2018. Business groups serving as contact points were re-classified into six business groups; four business groups for combinations of Japanese or Non-Japanese and Retail/SMEs or Large Corporates, in addition to Asset Management and Investor Services, and Global Markets.
Retail & Commercial Banking Business Group
Having positioned individual customers and SMEs as targeted customer segments, we provide residential mortgage loans, lending, wealth management and settlement services as well as business and asset succession solutions to meet diverse needs.
Japanese Corporate & Investment Banking Business Group
We strive to help major Japanese corporations enhance corporate value via global expansion and, to this end, provide loan, settlement, forex and other services. Simultaneously, we offer optimal solutions that fully employ the strength of each Group entity in their field of specialty associated with M&A and real estate.
Global Corporate & Investment Banking Business Group
We provide non-Japanese large corporate and financial institution customers with a comprehensive set of solutions that meet their financing needs, including transaction banking and various advisory services.
Global Commercial Banking Business Group
We provide financial services with local SMEs and individual customers in countries overseas through our existing investees, such as MUFG Union Bank, N.A. and the Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (Krungsri).
  1. Entities managed by the Global Commercial Banking Business Group include MUFG Union Bank, Krungsri, Bank Danamon, Security Bank and VietinBank.
Asset Management & Investor Services Business Group
Employing our sophisticated specialist know-how in the areas of asset management, investor services, and pensions, we provide such services as consulting while constantly striving to further enhance our asset management capabilities and develop products capable of better meeting diverse needs of customers at home and abroad.

MUFG Asset Management Website
Global Markets Business Group We serve our customers through sales & trading (S&T) operations associated with interest rates, bonds, forex and equities in addition to engaging in treasury operations.(note)
  1. Including ALM (which is the integrated management of liquidity risk and interest rate risk inherent in assets (loans, etc.) and liabilities (deposits, etc.)), global investment and other related operations