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Committees Committees


Committee Members

◎:Chairperson ○:Member
    Nominating and Governance Committee Compensation Committee Audit Committee Risk Committee U.S. Risk Committee
Mariko Fujii Outside director    
Keiko Honda Outside director        
Kaoru Kato Outside director    
Satoko Kuwabara Outside director      
Hirofumi Nomoto Outside director      
David Sneider Outside director        
Koichi Tsuji Outside director        
Tarisa Watanagase Outside director        
Kenichi Miyanaga Non-executive director        
Ryoichi Shinke Non-executive director        
Hironori Kamezawa Director
President & Group CEO
Hideaki Takase

Managing Corporate Executive
Group CSO 

Shinichi Koide External advisor
Outside director of MUFG Bank
Atsushi Miyanoya External advisor        
Kazuhiko Ohashi External advisor        
Takeo Hoshi External advisor        
Linda Cunningham Outside director of the Americas HD        
Suneel Kamlani Outside director of the Americas HD        
Michael Fraizer Outside director of the Americas HD        
Masatoshi Komoriya Chairman of the Americas HD        
Kevin Cronin President & CEO of the Americas HD        
Katsunori Yokomaku
Managing Corporate Executive
Group CRO
Nobuki Hatano Executive Officer        

Compensation System

MUFG has adopted a performance-based stock compensation plan for all directors, corporate executives and executive officers (hereinafter referred to collectively as “recipients”) who serve at the holding company, MUFG Bank and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking as well as the Securities. The introduction of this plan is intended to provide greater incentives for those individuals to maintain an awareness of the Group's overall corporate performance, stock price and capital efficiency over the medium- to long-term when pursuing their duties.


In May 2018, MUFG carried out a partial revision of this plan, incorporating ROE and the expense ratio into evaluation indices for determining stock compensation and bonuses for directors while increasing the proportion of performance-based compensation. This move is expected to better harmonize our compensation system with shareholders' interests.

Outline of Compensation System

Underlying Concepts and Objectives

MUFG's stance on the determination of compensation is focused on ensuring the steady implementation of its management policies and securing sustainable corporate expansion and medium- to long-term growth in corporate value.
Accordingly, MUFG aims to better motivate recipients to contribute to growth in business performance not only in the short term but also over the medium to long term while discouraging an excessively risk-taking approach. MUFG also determines compensation by giving due consideration to its operating results, financial soundness and domestic and overseas regulatory requirements associated with compensation paid for these recipients.

Content of Compensation

  • Compensation consists of three components,namely, basic compensation (fixed); stock compensation (linked to stock prices and medium- to long-term corporate performance); and bonuses (linked to short-term corporate performance). The proportion of each component is appropriately determined by giving due consideration to the concepts and objectives described above as well as duties carried out by each recipient.
  • Stock compensation plan utilizes a trust scheme and provides recipients with MUFG shares.
  • As for compensation for the MUFG president's service for fiscal 2018 and later, the proportion of all three components is set equally. (provided that stock compensation and bonuses have been paid in standard amounts.)