Basic Policy

We have clarified our Group mission, long-term vision and shared values in the Corporate Vision and expressed our commitment to meeting the expectations of customers and society as a whole. Furthermore, we have established the Principles of Ethics and Conduct as the guidelines for how the Group’s directors and employees act to realize the Corporate Vision. This expresses our commitment to complying with laws and regulations globally, to acting with honesty and integrity, and to behaving in a manner that supports and strengthens the trust and confidence of society.

In addition, as we expand our business globally, we are committed to keeping abreast with developments in the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate, including those targeting money laundering and bribery, as well as competition laws, while paying attention to trends in financial crimes.

Compliance System

Compliance management divisions have been established at the holding company Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, and at MUFG Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings (referred to as the three companies below). Each compliance management division formulates compliance programs and organizes training courses to promote compliance, and regularly reports to each company’s board of directors and Executive Committee on the status of compliance activities.

The holding company has the Group Compliance Committee while the three companies have Compliance Committees which deliberate important matters related to compliance. Additionally, the holding company has the Group Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Committee composed of the CCO of the holding company and CCOs of the three companies. This committee deliberates important matters related to compliance and compliance-related issues for which the Group should share a common understanding.

Compliance System*

FOCUS: Fostering a Compliance-Oriented Corporate Culture

As a financial institution, MUFG is well aware of its obligation to strictly comply with corporate ethics and to abstain from business conduct that goes against its principles, even when clearly defined rules are not provided. MUFG is therefore striving to foster a corporate culture that does not tolerate unjust behaviors by periodically holding training sessions aimed at instilling its Corporate Vision and Principles of Ethics and Conduct. Not merely lectures to facilitate the understanding of in-house rules among employees, these training sessions are designed to encourage participants to allow such vision and principles to guide every action they make. To that end, participants are asked to reflect on their own experience. At the same time, they hear their peers’ views on the subject and take time to think about what they learn. Often, these sessions involve lively discussions that, in turn, afford them valuable insights into what is it like to apply compliance principles in the course of day-to-day operations.