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Principles of Ethics and Conduct


These Principles of Ethics and Conduct establish clear and consistent standards for all MUFG employees to guide decisions and actions. They reflect and support the MUFG Corporate Vision.
The principles are organized in three sections. Chapter 1 presents the attitude that we adopt with our customers, to act with honesty and integrity and pursue their best interests, which is a core component of our business practices.
Chapter 2 presents a set of standards to help us fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. MUFG's reputation depends upon the trust and confidence of our customers and other stakeholders, including local communities, and we are responsible to society on a global level.
Chapter 3 describes the actions and mindset that will create a stimulating and supportive working environment as MUFG continues to grow. Our success depends on building and maintaining a dynamic workplace where all employees can reach their full potential in ways that support our customers and contribute to society as a whole.

Outline / Overview

Chapter 1 Customer Focus

We place our diverse customers at the center of all our activities and always act in their best interests. MUFG is able to thrive today because of the trust and confidence that customers have placed in us -the result of years of fair, transparent, and honorable dealings. Our business culture is not driven by the prospect of short-term, immediate gains. Instead, we place a premium on supporting long-term, sustainable relationships with our customers to help them meet their goals.

  • 1-1. Acting with Honesty and Integrity

    We always place our diverse customers at the center of all activities and act with honesty and integrity in all of our dealings with them. We protect customer assets, including their personal information, and strive at all times not to damage their interests.

  • 1-2. Controlling Quality

    In order to earn the lasting trust and confidence of our customers, we maintain thorough quality control of our products and services in all aspects from product design and development to delivery, and continually improve our processes to provide accurate and secure transactions.

  • 1-3. Exceeding Customer Expectations

    We strive to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers worldwide and to exceed their expectations through the highest standards of professionalism and by effectively leveraging our global network and consolidated strength.

Chapter 2 Responsibility as a Corporate Citizen

As a member of MUFG with global operations, we act honorably, with honesty and integrity, and comply at all times with laws, regulations, rules, and internal policies globally. We strive to maintain stability and confidence in the global financial system and to contribute to the sound growth and development of society. We behave in a manner that supports and strengthens the trust and confidence that MUFG has built up over the years.

  • 2-1. Adherence to Laws and Regulations

    We always judge and act with honesty and integrity, do what is right, and comply with both the letter and the spirit of the laws, regulations, and rules that apply to us. We avoid insider trading, do not engage in anti-competitive conduct or any form of corrupt activity, and publicly disclose corporate information in an appropriate manner.

  • 2-2. Combating Criminal Activity

    We do not conduct business with criminal elements. We do not allow our financial products and services to be used for illegal or improper activities such as money laundering, fraud, or financing terrorist activities.

  • 2-3. Commitment to Social Sustainability

    We respect the history, culture, and customs of local communities and strive to contribute to their development and the protection of the environment through our corporate activities and employee volunteer efforts.

Chapter 3 Ethical and Dynamic Workplace

We are committed to creating a working environment that fosters mutual respect among MUFG employees, supports the full expression of our individuality as professionals, promotes the power of teamwork, honors diversity, transcends differences, and embraces new challenges.

  • 3-1. Stimulating Workplace

    We strive to enhance our knowledge and expertise, focus on maximizing the value of teamwork, and view changes in the business environment as opportunities to launch new initiatives.

  • 3-2. Ethical Workplace

    We respect the diversity and human rights of all MUFG employees. We do not engage in or tolerate discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or any other behavior or activity that is inconsistent with these core beliefs. We report any violations of laws and rules, and we manage corporate assets appropriately.