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Connections across regions strengthen bonds among colleagues Connections across regions strengthen bonds among colleagues

Connections across regions strengthen bonds among colleagues

While MUFG colleagues have passions that influence each other, they sometimes face resistance from peers as well. This resistance can help them realize different ways of thinking.
Such mutual engagement accelerates feelings and makes them stronger.
What kind of aspirations and beliefs do colleagues value? And what kind of “change” do they influence as part of their MUFG Way?
This is the story of interactions among colleagues from different countries.

Sharing Digital Insights and Boosting Efficiency Across MUFG

To the Group, which has a strong global footprint, improving operational efficiency through digital technology is a global priority. These three members, who are making efforts in London, Hong Kong, and Japan, are learning from each other from both regional and global perspectives.

Sharing insights and boosting efficiency globally

Yuka Iwaki
Yuka Iwaki
Global Operations Planning Division, MUFG Bank

Currently promoting digital and operational efficiency improvement globally.
The Global Operations Planning Division (GOPD) is actively promoting the digitalization of operational tasks across MUFG's global bases. A few years ago, I realized that the excellent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developed by Ms. Mawatari's team in the EMEA region and good examples of operational efficiency improvements in Hong Kong were not widely known. This was largely due to a lack of system infrastructure within MUFG to share information globally. I firmly believe that the digital initiatives we are individually driving forward in London, Hong Kong, and Japan are all contributing to 'empower' other members. Despite the vast amount of work, time is limited, making it crucial to enhance operational efficiency. Currently, each region operates somewhat independently, akin to separate companies. However, we believe that fostering collaboration as One MUFG will lead to a more profound embodiment of the MUFG Way. My current mission is to continue developing and utilizing communication tools that enable effortless information sharing with overseas counterparts, thereby contributing to enhancing business efficiency across the entire global organization.

Local improvement leads to global contribution

Yuka Iwaki
Miso Mawatari
Operations Office for EMEA, MUFG Bank

Promoting digital transformation (DX) in EMEA and released the first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in December 2018. Since then, in addition to RPA, she has been promoting process improvement with workflow and AI development.
When I was transferred to the Operations Office in EMEA six years ago, I was tasked to look at DX in EMEA, specifically the RPA initiative. As there was no existing team or infrastructure, I had to build both from scratch. We managed to release our first RPA solutions in 2018 and since then we have been promoting to implement more automations, realizing significant time savings. Currently, we are working with Ms. Iwaki and GOPD members to expand the RPA initiative globally. When I received the suggestion from Ms. Iwaki to “build a global common DX communication platform to incorporate the opinions of a broad range of stakeholders,” I was inspired by her idea. Communication is the key to success in everything, especially in project management. My MUFG Way is to “strive for excellence.” Giving my best efforts in everything I do will improve work quality, and this will lead to our team’s success, which I believe will result in significant contributions to MUFG. I hope that expanding our best practices of DX solutions globally will empower a brighter future.

Enhancing the team’s performance by exchanging opinions with respect

Sunny Wing Hang Pong
Sunny Wing Hang Pong
Hong Kong Branch, MUFG Bank

At the Hong Kong Branch, he serves as the Head of Planning and Transformation and focuses on operations and IT, specifically operational improvement, efficiency, and offshoring initiatives.
When I was working in Japan as a participant of the Three-Month Intensive Program (TIP) — an internal exchange program that allows locally-hired colleagues to work at overseas sites — I shared my idea on how we can streamline initiatives that may be beneficial to the new communication platform, with Ms. Iwaki and other GOPD members. I truly appreciate them for sincerely paying attention to a voice from a branch and ultimately incorporating the idea into their global strategy. For me, this was one of the ways to exemplify my MUFG Way.
My MUFG Way can be summarized in a phrase: “at our best.” In pursuit of a common vision, everyone can play a role and voice our opinions openly. This will help improve our holistic performance and “empower a brighter future.” As a leader, I, too, strive to respect everyone’s values and workstyles and actively listen to their opinions. In doing so, I can help create an environment where everyone can be “at their best” and can shine by being themselves.