The Medium-Term Business Plan (fiscal year 2018 to 2020) -Eleven Transformation Initiatives

Under the medium-term business plan, we have outlined the Eleven Transformation Initiatives, which are specifically designed to help MUFG weather a difficult business environment and get back on a sustainable growth track. Each initiative shares the following features: (1) a large growth potential, (2) the power to enable MUFG to emonstrate its capabilities and (3) the promise to become a main MUFG business, or a support function of a main business.
We are aiming for growth of approximately ¥250 billion in net operating profits, with MUFG Group companies, business groups and the corporate center working as one to ush forward with these initiatives.

Eleven Transformation Initiatives

Digital Technology

Utilize Digital Technologies to Drive Strategic Reforms across the Board

Today's customers are increasingly choosing alternative banking transactions methods. With the growing popularization of smartphones and other digital devices, the number of customers who prefer online settlement is growing, while the number of those who regularly visit bank branches is decreasing.

In response, we are striving to utilize digital technologies to provide customers with diverse lineups of highly convenient transactional channels that allow them to choose the one best for them. At the same time, we expect these technologies to help us reduce workload and improve productivity while facilitating the expansion of online transactions and the creation of new businesses. Our digitalization strategies are thus intended to boost our overall business profitability.

Sales Channel

Upgrade Our Channels

By enhancing user-friendliness and online transaction functions, we will facilitate a shift from “real” to “online” channels. This will, in turn, help us optimize both face-to-face channels and non face-to-face channels. Specifically, we will diversify the face-to-face channels operated by branches and, to this end, offer a wider variety of options and types of transaction to meet customer needs. These options will include MUFG NEXT branches that offer customers access to easy-to-operate terminals and thereby accommodate needs for even quicker and more convenient banking services as well as MUFG NEXT consulting offices that provide face-to-face consulting services. Furthermore, we will establish MUFG PLAZA, a blended model that offers a range of Bank, Trust Bank, and Securities services at shared locations.


With the integration of the retail and commercial banking units, as well as a “group-based, integrated approach” taken by the Bank, the Trust Bank and the Securities, we can support rising customer needs for asset management and inheritance services. This is an important consideration for Japan's aging, low-birthrate society. Additionally, we will strive to establish a consistently profitable business structure by focusing on fee-based asset management. Professionals of the Bank, the Trust Bank and the Securities will develop and implement a business model that seamlessly provides various business solutions.

Our approach to individual customers (business owners) and corporate clients

In implementing restructuring measures by business function, the corporate loan businesses of the Bank and the Trust Bank have been consolidated. Additionally, the RMs*1 are now referred to as “MUFG's RMs”-those who itemize customers' business issues. Meanwhile, the PO*2 will extend its expertise, providing optimized solutions for customer needs.

*1 Abbreviation for Relationship Managers, in charge of sales.
*2 Abbreviation for Product Office, namely, business units and staff in charge of the planning, development and the provision of products and services

RM/PO model

The Group, in an integrated and continuous manner, provides solutions to satisfy various customer needs with regard to the real estate value chain.* Branches will assess customer needs and collect extra information so that it can be maximized to enhance brokerage businesses and asset management businesses, adding more value.

* The course of business regarding real estate from “sales” to “development” to “tenant leasing” to “asset management.”

We will offer asset management services to our customers on an integrated groupwide basis. We will develop competitive products, supply a full product lineup, and expand our talent portfolio to support these moves. Additionally, we will upgrade our asset management business by pushing to be a more globally recognized industry player and by enhancing our talent, products and solutions.

We will provide a wide range of services to satisfy various professional needs for asset management on an integrated groupwide basis, while extending business relationships with the institutional investors of each legal entity and business group across the Group.

In order to realize the sustainable growth of the Global CIB* business, we will respond to the needs of global corporate customers and improve portfolio return by constantly recycling loan assets, etc. In addition, we will be shifting value to “quality” over “quantity” through origination and distribution under the integrated platform of banking and securities functions.

* Abbreviation for Corporate and Investment Banking. This business consists of traditional corporate banking (e.g. deposits and loans) and investment banking (e.g. capital markets and M&A etc.) and provides sophisticated financial services.

We will shift our business focus from “region-/legal entity-based” to “customer-/business-based,” and reinforce business-driven operations across the Group. Our global branch network will also be upgraded, centralized, and standardized for business administration and systems in order to establish a structure to flexibly address environmental changes.

In addition to the acceleration of personnel allocations and transfers across the Group to drive our strategy, the new HR Division will be set up to manage domestic and international HR operations, creating a globally integrated HR capability.

Corporate Center Operations

The Corporate Center function will be reorganized from integrated operations by “MUFG and the Bank” to that of “MUFG, the Bank, the Trust Bank and the Securities” to effectively take advantage of our business resources on a groupwide basis. This move will also help us improve the sharing of specialist knowledge and know-how among Group entities, thereby boosting our corporate center functions.