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Promoting Workstyle Reforms

As we aim to enable employees to realize their full potential, we have promoted the revision of administrative procedures and the streamlining of meeting practices while going paperless and developing infrastructure for remote working. By doing so, we help employees allocate more time to engaging in direct communications with customers and taking on new challenges. 

We are pushing ahead with expanding the scope of banking procedures that can be completed online, believing that improving the efficiency of our financial functions, which constitute a part of social infrastructure, will help society as a whole achieve higher productivity, in addition to making us more productive.

MUFG’s recognition
Opportunities/Risks On the back of Japan’s declining population, businesses are expected to provide their employees with opportunities to embrace flexible workstyles aligned with an evolving sense of values, changes in social structure and the growing need to strike a work-life balance. Fulfilling these expectations provides the baseline for the effective utilization of human resources and achievement of corporate growth and, in light of fallout from COVID-19, has become a matter of even greater importance.
Opportunities/Risks Improving the efficiency of our financial functions, which constitute a part of social infrastructure, will help society as a whole achieve higher productivity while positioning us for greater productivity as well.

Main Initiatives

Promotion of Smart Work

MUFG is promoting the active use of remote work and staggered working hours, and employee motivation and work efficiency by realizing a flexible work style that is not restricted by location or time.
Promotion of Smart Work

The Development of a Working Environment Supportive of Remote Working

Promoting the development of a working environment supportive of remote working by, for example, enhancing satellite offices, facilitating the use of online meetings, and upgrading functions of company-furnished smartphones.

Paperless Initiatives

With the release of an online business card exchange function, we are promoting the digitization of business cards and the digitization of contracts to promote paperless initiatives.

Autonomous Career Development for "Middle Senior" Workers

Establishment of the "Middle Senior Career Expansion Consortium"

As Japan's working population shrinks, expectations are high for what will become the largest working demographic: middle-aged persons in their late 40s to 50s (hereafter referred to as "middle seniors"). However, as persons in this current "middle senior" demographic have spent most of their working life with a single company, their careers tend to be dependent upon that company. Many such persons possess abundant knowledge and experience, yet have been unable to find ways to make use of those.

A questionnaire survey of 2,000 people aged 45 to 63 conducted by the Trust Bank in 2022 found that the majority of respondents recognized themselves as having passed the peaks of their careers, with only a limited number working actively toward career expansion. We recognize that issues related to middle seniors' careers are social issues that will grow in the future. By having middle seniors autonomously undertaking career development based on their own interests and aptitudes while building networks outside their companies that will lead to richer post-retirement lives, we hope to achieve enhanced quality of life for these workers and energize Japan's companies and society as a whole.

Toward this end, in April 2023 the Trust Bank and Ostance, Inc. established the "Middle Senior Career Expansion Consortium" (MSCE), an organization for sharing knowledge among companies, identifying issues, and studying countermeasures. MSCE seeks to provide those middle seniors, who as business professionals have supported Japan's companies, with new opportunities that are difficult to gain in their current jobs, and to further enhance their potential. Doing so, they will energize their companies and in turn raise the level of Japanese society. The Trust Bank also plans to commercialize solutions to middle senior-related issues in Japanese companies, drawing on valuable knowledge gained through MSCE.

Promotion of Smart Work
(As of November 2023)