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Shaping the future of artisanal crafting

The story of Japan cannot be told without introducing the craftsmen and their supporters who engaged in artisanal crafting. A great variety of traditional KOGEI (arts and crafts) and techniques have developed along withhistory of society.


 However many of those now face extinction due to changes in our lifestyles and a dearth of raw materials. Some individuals are working to prevent the interruption of this long history by studying their craft and shifting their creative perspective. 


Therein lies the strength to generate new artisanal goods suitable for the modern age while still respecting time-honored traditions. This isn’t just the story of artisanal crafting; it’s a clue to the innovation that allows all of us to survive and continue living in these times of tempestuous change.


The stories of these craftsmen will become a buttress that will encourage us throughout the tribulations and transformations yet to come.


MUFG will become the driving force of all people, cultures, industries, and the world.




As we strive to realize our purpose of “committed to empowering a brighter future,” MUFG is making efforts to address issues facing all stakeholders, which include customers and society. As part of that effort, we are now launching the MUFG KOGEI Project to support the inheritance of Japanese traditional craft ('kogei') culture and techniques and to find and spread inspirations in tradition that can be applied innovatively in an era of change. 


Starting with the exhibition of craft works at our own facilities with the theme of "Tradition and Innovation," held in August 2023, we will conduct various activities such as the development of craft culture and industry and the holding of events and seminars to support both artisans and users. 

Prof. Yuji Akimoto, General Supervisor

Yuji Akimoto Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts

Prof. Yuji Akimoto

The Japanese are a people of craft, where craftsmanship is central to their philosophy. Throughout its long history, the Japanese have created a variety of innovative ideas and techniques through the use and handling of materials, from natural materials to cutting-edge technologies. 


The MUFG KOGEI Project is an activity that inherits and builds upon the Japanese philosophy of "monozukuri," or artisanal crafting, and to connect it to the future. The appeal of crafts, with their sustainable and ecological qualities, and global as well as local characteristics, inspires us to take on the challenges of our tumultuous times through innovation. With this in mind, we will approach and carry out this project.


Yuji Akimoto Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts